Parents, Family Members, Family Friends, and Coaches are welcome to attend the 2020 International Geography Bee World Championships. As at the prior 2018 IGB Worlds, we are setting a number of additional guidelines for Parents, Family Members, and Coaches attending in 2020.

1. Obviously, anyone is welcome to book a voyage with Carnival for the same sailing (i.e. from 12-19 July out of and returning to San Juan, Puerto Rico). However, if you wish to take part in any IGB Worlds events (this includes attending any medals ceremonies; the Opening and Closing Ceremonies; competing in any competition events open to Parents, Family, and Coaches; spectating any events open to an audience (see below under point 4 for clarification) and taking part in any non-competitive events [such as the Book Club, the Politics Discussion, the Reception, etc.]), then you must do the following:

1A. Book your cabin not through Carnival directly, but through the IGB Worlds online registration portal. Even though the prices that IAC has for the cabins are very similar or the same as the prices listed online on Carnival’s website, if you are registering a competing student, or anyone in a room who is participating in IGB Worlds through the Parents, Family, and Friends program, then you must also pay your cabin fees to IAC (and we in turn will pay Carnival). The reason for this is the need to keep track of who is in affiliated with our group, as we are receiving space to hold our events in exchange for bringing a large amount of participants on board. We also need to do this for certain logistical reasons (e.g. so that we can assign rooms to students regarding roommate preferences) as well.

1B. Pay the supplementary Parents, Family Members, and Coaches fee of $250 for anyone aged 10 or older. Children under 10 may attend without paying a supplementary fee, but are not allowed to take part in any of the competition events or non-competition events that are being organized by the IGB Worlds team.
Note: You can request that this fee be waived in exchange for helping out with select IGB Worlds events as an adjunct staff member. This will be limited to either reading or scorekeeping for the International Geography Quiz and International Geography Bowl prelims, the Scavenger Hunt on St. Kitts, and in addition staffing at most 2-4 other events that we would request of you together with full-time IGB Worlds staff. If you request this, please note the following:
-You must be a native English speaker or be able to read clear English with a minimal accent. Prior experience in reading at IAC events is greatly preferred.
-All adjunct staff must be at least 19 years old as of July 1, 2020.
-Under no circumstances would you read a match or proctor an exam where your child / student is playing or for anyone in their age division.
-IAC retains the right to not accept any request for a parent / family member / friend to have their fees waived in exchange for helping at any point until we have granted the request.
-IAC retains the right to put a cap on the number of such adjunct staff.

1C. At all times, wear your official IGB Worlds wristband. Competing students will also receive one of these, though in a different color. We will check wristband compliance at all ceremonies, competition events, and non-competition events. Anyone lacking a wristband will be asked to leave.

2. The supplemental fee includes the ability to participate in the following events in the Family Division (we will have medals for these, but these will not count towards the official medals table for IGB Worlds):
-Battery Exam
-Caribbean Geography Exam
-Crossword Puzzle Tournament
-IAC: The Board Game
-Scavenger Hunt
Note that none of these events are required – if parents and family members don’t wish to compete at all, that’s completely fine.

3. Parents and family members are welcome to take part in the other non-competitive events and activities listed here with the exception of the following: Old San Juan visit (you are of course welcome to visit Old San Juan at the same time as well, but we will only be organizing a tour for competing students), Barbados visit (same policy as in Old San Juan), St. Thomas Sightseeing (same policy as the prior two listed visits) and U-Pick U-Write. For the Onshore excursions, you are welcome to take part in whatever offerings Carnival has, but if IGB Worlds staff are chaperoning students on an excursion, we cannot guarantee that you will also be able to take part in that as that is a logistical decision that ultimately only Carnival has control over.

Note that it is not required for parents and family members to be taking part in IGB Worlds-sponsored activities at all times. If parents and family members wish to take part in any other activities on their own at any point, that’s fine.

4. Rules regarding spectating events:

4A. No exams are open to spectators at any time.

4B. The following competition events are also not open to spectators at any point: Symposium, Crossword Puzzle Tournament, Simulation, Hextathlon, Scavenger Hunt, and Treasure Hunt. That means that the Great Trading Game, IAC: The Board Game, Geographeud *, Geopardy *and the Knockout Tournament are open to spectators.

* = Only matches that are not played in cabins in these events are open to spectators.

4C. No preliminary rounds of buzzer-based quiz tournaments at the 2020 International Geography Bee World Championships will be open to spectators. The reason for this is that due to space limitations on board the Carnival Fascination, we will need to hold these competitions in cabins which cannot accommodate more than the number of players in each room and the staff member who is reading the questions. On the other hand, all final rounds of buzzer-based competitions will be accessible to those who have registered for the Parents, Family Members, Friends, and Coaches program.

Children Attending But Not Competing in IGB Worlds
Children of all ages may come to the International Geography Bee World Championships together with their parents (or grandparents, guardians, etc.). However, please be mindful of the following guidelines:

1. Children under ten years of age are welcome to come without having to pay a supplemental fee as long as they are accompanied by parents or a legal guardian. Please note that children under age seven however, are discouraged from watching competitions lest they disturb the competitors at an inopportune moment.

2. Children 17 and younger are not welcome if not accompanied by their parents or guardians, even if they are teenagers.

3. Siblings aged 18+ who are not competing in IGB Worlds may come and act as legal guardians for their younger competing siblings as long as we have parental permission regarding this arrangement.

Aside from the supplemental fee of $250 per person age 10 or higher, the Cruise Fees covering food and accommodations must be paid. Please understand that due to the nature of Carnival’s pricing, we (i.e. IAC) cannot guarantee that room rates will hold at any point, nor can we provide further space once the ship sells out of cabins.

The supplemental fee for coaches is waived if at least three students are coming from a school and agrees to participate as an adjunct staff member. If more than one coach is attending, one supplemental fee may be waived for every 8 competing students or fraction thereof. Coaches must still pay the normal Cruise Fees for accommodations and food. Coaches must be full-time staff members or designated History Bowl / quiz bowl coaches from their schools and have served in such capacity throughout at least the 2019-2020 academic year. IAC reserves the right to deny coach status if we believe these criteria have not been sufficiently met. Parents typically do not qualify as coaches, unless they have taken primary responsibility for a school’s participation not only at the Olympiad but throughout at least the 2019-2020 academic year.

International History Olympiad
There is no combined pricing or discounts if parents, family members, family friends, or coaches are also attending the International History Olympiad, although the adjunct staff member discount will be applicable there as well under the same policies.

Payment, Refund, and Cancellation Policy
Please see the general IGB Worlds payment, refund, and cancellation policies here. Supplemental fees and room fees that are paid for parents, family members, family friends, and coaches are subject to these policies as well.