International Geography Bee World Championships

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2020 IGB World Championships is cancelled due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19!


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The International Geography Bee World Championships is a worldwide geography quiz competition for primary and secondary school students who have qualified through regional championships or other competition. Our hope is that through the creation of a new worldwide geography competition, students will further their knowledge of geography in an enjoyable way, and make friends with like-minded students from their nation and around the world.

The inaugural International Geography Bee World Championships were held on July 11-17, 2018 in Berlin, Germany with events being held at the Berlin Brandenburg International School (on July 15-17) and around Berlin. It was (and in the future, always will be) possible to compete in both the International History Olympiad and the IGB World Championships if students are qualified for both.

Three separate events: the Intl. Geography Exam, the Intl. Geography Showdown, and the Intl. Geography Quiz together constituted the official 2018 IGB World Championship title. As is the case at the International History Olympiad, students from the USA competed for their home states unless they have a foreign passport and wished to compete for their country of citizenship.

The International Geography Bee World Championships is organized by International Academic Competitions, which administers academic competitions for primary and secondary students around the world.